Welcome 2017

I declare 2017 to be the year to get fit. Get in shape and be healthy for your self. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise.

Because the density of the human body is approximately similar to that of water, the body is supported by the water and less stress is placed on joints and bones.

Swimming for at least an hour can burn upwards of 500 calories. It works every body part and muscle without causing strain on your body. You can swim almost every day without risking injury.

Swimming increase Flexibility, Improves Asthma Symptoms for kids and adults.

Aerobic exercise and resistance training, alone or in combination, improves blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes.”

The swimming session starts as the weather changes.

Please Register now for further updates.

Session 1: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Session 2: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Class duration for kids:                  30min

Class duration for Adults:             1hour
Kids Fee:       Rs 10,000/-
AdultsFee:     Rs16,000/-

Registration fee : Rs 2000/-

*Spot will only be confirmed once the payment is done.

There is no registration fee if you direct deposit.
*On direct deposit please WhatsApp me the pic of the deposit slip with your name.

For more details contact coach Khan 0333 464 3333. WhatsApp /Text/call

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