The Dream

Having a dream is one thing and working towards your dream can sometime cost you more then one can handle. As I belong to a sporty family where we have few of the best cricketers to cross country runners. My dad swam on Punjab team back in his college days and to this date he swims every single day.

Coach KhanI started swimming even before I started to walk. Swimming was the best time pass. The only driving force behind my swimming is my Mom. She use to sit out in the sun while we swam for hours. At first swimming was just jumping around in the pool and having fun. At a local swimming club one of the coaches approached me and asked me to swim for Punjab swimming team. I was excited but not yet ready for what I was going to do.

The very next day I was at the team training pool. I met few of the swimmers that I knew but there were swimmers from all over the city. I swam for two years on the team before I moved out to California for higher education. My first day on campus and I asked around where is the swimming pool. After walking the whole campus I finally found the pool. I was over joyed and excited. Looked for the swim coach and told him that I want to swim on the team. Signed up and I was back in the pool.

To me swimming was not just a sport, it was a lifestyle. Swimming paid for my school, food, house rent and all. After doing few red-cross courses I got a job in a private swim school as a swim coach. I had some of the best teachers in the field who taught me everything about swimming.