Swimming is a sport that is not natural to everyone. Walking, running, biking, all of these are quite easy to master, however, it takes some coordination and stamina to learn how to swim. The good news is that everyone can learn how to swim if given the right instructions.
Before you get in the pool for your first class you must have the following.

 Swimsuit: Obviously you will need a swimsuit to learn how to swim.download

For men, these are usually swim briefs or swim trunks. I would suggest Swim trunks. It should have a good tie around your waste.It should be just the right fit. Neither too big nor too small.

For women, the most comfortable swimsuit is the one-piece swimsuit. We can find full body swimsuits too. Just make sure they are just the perfect size for you.

Swimming Goggles: If you are serious about learning how to swim, swimming goggles are also mandatory as they will allow you to put your head under water without getting water in the eyes. This will permit more relaxed and streamlined swimming. I would suggest, get the clear goggles rather than the coloured ones.

My personal favorites are  Speedo and TYR.

images (1)Swimming Cap: is only required if you have long hair.For women its important to have a swim cap or you tie your hair really well so they don’t cover your eyes
while swimming.There are latex swim caps so they will protect your hair from getting wet.

are good to have to dry after swimming. You can use any that is easily available.images (3)

Before you get in the pool its good to do some stretching exercises (5~10 minutes) before dipping into the pool. Minimizes muscle stiffening after several laps of swimming.

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