10 Qualities found in a good Swimmer

  1. Use Failure as Fuel. Swimmers are always motivated with the failure. Its like a fuel to the fire.
  2. Many of them think they will go on forever and train with enormous passion, as if refusing to accept the passing of time.
  1. They like to push their boundaries and collaborate with colleagues when training.
  1. They enjoy being successful and are driven by cheers from the crowd
  1. They aspire to be better swimmers, improve their performance and contribute to the team’s success.
  1. They are grateful and you will always feel their support and respect.
  1. Any reason is good enough to schedule team meetings or organize activities to boost motivation.
  1. They are motivated when receiving praise and appreciate how their dedication and sacrifice are deserving of that praise.
  1. They enjoy training with support equipment: paddles, flippers, bands, etc.
  1. They love meeting and spending leisure time together after the competitions.



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